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Is your computer safe?

Prevent the Loss of your Critical Data with

Datashield's Secure, Online Data Backup

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The Facts Are In!

Data Loss Statistics

60% of companies who lose their data close down within 6 months.

  • Every 15 sec a Hardrive Crashes
  • 2000 Laptops Lost or Stolen Daily
  • 60% of Data is stored on PC's
  • 32% of Data Loss to Human Error

The Estimated Average Value of 1 Megabyte of Data is $10,000.00.

  • 42% of Loss to Hardware Failure
  • 3 out of 5 PC Users Lose Files
  • 1 in 5 Computer Hardrives Fail
  • 9% of Users Never Backup

40% of companies reported
data loss due to viruses.

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Protect Your Data with Datashield!


Data Loss is Expensive and Unexpected.

Costs associated with the recovery and recreation of Mission Critical Data are increasing. Rebuilding 1mb of critical data is estimated at $10,000.00 USD and some historical or test data can never be recreated.

Servers are not the only carriers of valuable data at risk. Mobile workers and telecommuters with Laptops, Portable Hard Disks and Flash Drives store valuable data which is regularly lost, stolen or deleted.

Hardware failure is the number one offender of data loss, and 30% of all users experiencing total data loss due to events for which they had no warning or control over.

Why Take Chances?

There are simple steps one can take to minimize the potential for loss. Having a Data Recovery plan is becoming commonplace at all levels of business. Datashield's Secure Online Backup allows your information to be recovered to any computer with an internet connection. Datashield Secure Online Data Backup is the essential component to an effectiive Data Recovery plan. Don't take chances with your valuable data - protect it from fire, theft, loss, corruption and other potential hazards with Datashield`s Automated, Secure Online Backup. Order Here

How's this for Secure.

Datashield Backup Solutions are PIPEDA, HIPPA, SOX, SEC / NASD compliant to ensure that your confidential information stays confidential. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, then its transferred through a secure 128 bit internet connection to our Secure Data Center attached to the Pier 1 network. Once your files arrive on our servers they remain encrypted and can only be decrypted with your unique encryption key. Only you know your encryption key and only you can decrypt your files.

We've got your Back[up]!

Datashield Online Backup Offers 2 Versions

Datashield Basic Backup Edition
Perfect for home, student or small office / home office situations, including Laptops and PC's. Learn more...

Datashield Professional Backup Edition
A robust, feature driven enterprise version, suitable for small to large multi user server based environments. The Professional Edition can also backup multiple Data sets, Exchange, Lotus, SQL MSSQL and Oracle. Learn more...

• NEW - Datashield Professional IT Services
Datashield's Professional IT Services are utilized by over 70 Small to Medium sized businesses in the Greater Vancouver, BC area. Rest easy knowing your network and data are safe with Datashield.. Contact us today for more information! Data Recovery Labs Data Recovery Labs


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