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Datashield is in Vancouver

Datashield Technologies

Vancouver, BC, Canada,
V3E 3C3


Datashield Backup and Services Support

`Client satisfaction is very important to us. Not only for the success of our products but also because we genuinely want you to have a good experience with our company.
Chris Freelund - President - Datashield Technologies

The Datashield Support Centre offers
3 methods of Client Support:


1) Self Help - User Guides for Datashield Basic and Professional Editions

Datashield Basic Edition User Guide (pdf)
Datashield Professional Edition User Guide (pdf)


2) Frequently Asked Questions - Datashield's Most Asked Questions

Datashield Frequently Asked Questions (html)


3) Support Ticket System - Datashield's Online Support System

Datashield Support Ticket System*

*Allow a 24 hour response time
Hours: Mon - Fri 8am to 4pm PST

Downloads - Datashield's Software Downloads

Datashield Downloads


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